Quick note for any agents who read this blog

Guys, we need to talk. Your listings? Well to be frank, some of them are a joke. I'm actually half tempted to link to some of the offending listings but I won't. For now. I get that a lot of you have assistants that are in charge of the listings but your name is on the listing, you're the one getting the commission if it sells so it's up to YOU and YOU ALONE to proof the listing BEFORE it hits the innerwebs. These listings represent you to the wider world so when I see an agent who has made a complete balls-up of a listing, that agents gets dropped from my personal "to be consulted if I ever sell" list. And also gets added to my list of "agents I tell others not to use". 

So come on people, keep it tight. Mrs C is watching. And judging. And soon will be naming and shaming.

You have been warned.


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