The urge to make an Austin Powers reference is too strong. Must....resist....

I couldn't let this one go by, it's just too cool. Not a chance I'd even consider buying it but it really is fantastic to look at. I would imagine that this house was considered to be The Business back in the day and you can kind of see why.....

Personally I think it's a pretty good price for a house that is somewhat of a landmark and in that location too.
 (click pictures to enlarge)

12 Georgia Lee Place, Clareville NSW

This place would have been difficult to photograph but I think they did a really good job.

I would imagine that's not the original kitchen. If it is, it appears to be in very good condition indeed.

This house is being marketed for sale by the adorable Pete Robinson of LJ Hooker Palm Beach. He can be contacted on 0401 219 077


  1. Wow! That is truly horrendous. It's very Flinstones-esque!


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