11's my lucky number.

This place is impressive. It's not so much a house as it is a compound. Land in Mosman is expensive at the best of times but a piece of land this size, right next to Chinamans Beach, with a house like this has to be regarded as one of Sydney's trophy properties especially given it was designed by Alex Popov.

11 McLean Cres, Mosman NSW

Aerial view aside this house appears to be what I call a 'stealth' house. A stealth house is a house that looks kind of innocuous from the outside but is truly amazing on the inside. Stealth houses are almost nearly always larger than they appear to be on first glance. While we're at it, I also like stealth cars. Cars that are nice enough looking but don't look like seriously hectic speed monsters. But actually are seriously hectic monsters. Like the Golf GTI. And a nice debadged Mercedes CL. Anyway, let's look at the house. (click pics to enlarge)


  1. Well, what can I say... We re getting dangerously close to my absolute dream house. Finally, lots of green. :) I like it, I like it. Instead of the manicured lawn I would have a deck/lily pond combo and I d replace the iffy tiled wall with a seriously large sea water aquarium, just to keep the Bond feel of the place - imagine swaying anemones... I d have more banana plants and other large leafs round the pool to curb the Beverly Hills feel of the palm trees, but the pool itself is nice, it does have underwater lighting, right?, might replace the tiles with more wooden decking and add Balinese umbrellas? - While I personally am not a tennis player I do enjoy the leisurely plop plop as a background noise, and the court as well as the pool table would cater to the needs of my current much younger play mates, there, it s out... lol. A wine cellar? O well, why not. I could grow into it, like people apparently grow into Wagner, or maybe a lot of red just makes Wagner more agreeable.
    Ride, Valkyries...

  2. ^ Gold!! You should have your own TV show.


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