And here's one I prepared earlier.

Yes I'm slack, sorry sorry etc. Aaaah well it's the weekend so nothing really has been listed so I'm reaching into my pile of amazing but sold properties. And once again we're back in Melbourne. To be fair, I've not yet had the time to trawl through Sydney's sold listings and I know there are some good ones there so sit tight and there will be more Sydney stuff soon. Promise.

This is not generally the type of property I'd post about and this is due to the fact that so many developers are just phoning it in now and not going the extra mile. I'm seeing a lot of new developments without bathtubs and this is not a trend I like. Ditto the practice of retro-fitting air conditioning (using split systems or ceiling cartridges) and not ducting it. Now that's understandable with a lot of conversions but new builds? Guys, if you can't plan head enough to include the ducting for air and heat, how do you expect me to trust that you haven't half-arsed the rest of the development? And while we're at it, if you're going to be putting down stone flooring of any kind put underfloor or inslab heat in. Just do it. Don't question me. Do it. Obviously I'm talking about a certain level of real estate here, not your bog standard apartment but this stuff shouldn't be rocket science and indeed should actually be a given when developing high end places. Lumiere in Sydney is truly a beautiful building and while its apartments are aesthetically pleasing, they're not altogether practical and indeed many of them lack a bathtub, even the larger apartments. And for the love of all things holy, when space is available, can we PLEASE do away with those godawful cupboard laundries? Please? I can sort of understand having them in a bathroom but that's it.

OK, I got carried away there.

Penthouse 3, 150 Clarendon Street, East Melbourne VIC

I really like this place. I appreciate that it's been decorated up the whaazoo (styled for sale by the looks of it) but I think it's been done well. I wish I had a floorplan to look at to really get a feel for the layout but I do like what I see. (click pictures to enlarge)


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