And to the east......

Eastern suburbs of Sydney that is. Not my chosen hood (too crowded, nightmare traffic, too many posers) but home to some stunning real estate. 18 Parsley Road, Vaucluse is a masterpiece. At least it appears to be from the pictures however it has been on the market for quite some time now, at least a couple of years. It now has an asking price of $6.95 million dollars which I think is reasonable given the location and finishes but as always, the proof is in the pudding so if you've got a lazy $7 million or so (conveyancing isn't free!) then I suggest you take a look and see for yourself. It does look like the block could be very small but if the build quality is good as it appears to be, I still think the current price is not unreasonable. Actually, now that I've said all that, I've just noticed that it appears to have no views, at least no harbour views. In this case the price may be a little ambitious....

Designed by Tobias Partners, this home features my holy grail of home inclusions; in-slab heating. Aka underfloor heating. Aka nirvana. I want it so badly. *curses floorboards with no slab*
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Do yourself a favour and enlarge this picture. The chandelier really is special.

Lovely but those low-backed sofas are no good for a tall girl like me.

I love slate pools, they're utterly stunning but I could never have one myself. Too scared of lurking funnel webs waiting in their magic air bubbles to bite me.


  1. I hope I never become the cold-hearted bitch to feel at home in this place. Ok, I do love the chandelier and the pool, but most of it is a little frosty. I can see myself moving into the house as the wife of an ex-chancellor Kohl look-alike heavy industry magnate. We would need a lot of walking space as well as good resonance in most of the rooms to stage our arguments properly, walking space for him to pace up and down gravely, an auditory sweet spot for me to underline my shrill and slightly neurotic lamenting. And yes, I would wear heels.

  2. Mrs C said -

    But you'd be warm of feet!! HEATED FLOORS HEATED FLOORS!!!! I get what you're saying though. I imagine the owner of this house would have a closet full of Issy Miyake and an asymmetrical haircut. But if you're one of 'those' wives, you don't argue. You turn the blind eye and you spend, spend, spend while he's out shagging. Plus it has a pool. And pools need to be looked after. By pool boys. If you get my drift.....


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