Beautiful, beautiful Allowah

This place is what The Porn is all about. For me anyway. This place is so beautiful that I look at the online listing at least once a week. Just to perve.

24 Musgrave Street, Mosman NSW

According to the listing 'Allowah' was built all the way back in 1881 but has recently been reinvented and restored. Uhh which is it? Well, to be perfectly fair, looking at the pictures it's a little bit of both. But it's been done well. So very, very well.......

(click pics to enlarge)

Buy it for me, buy it for me, buy it for me, buy it for me, buy it for me, buy it for me......


  1. I think you are Officially Filthy Rich when you have a house with two kitchens.

  2. A look at the property records tells me the current owners paid big bucks for this place. When they bought it the place was a tip and kind of looks like it may have been a boarding house, this sort of explains the kitchens as there were at least 3 when they bought it. The pool is new plus it looks like they gutted the entire thing and redid it from scratch. That would not have been cheap. Christ, given how it used to look, the owners did an even better job of it that I originally thought!


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