A big pile of What the Hell at Lavender Bay.

This next property is a converted convent at Lavender Bay. The listing says "address available upon request" but it's on Walker St at the corner of Lavender St. Ha ha take THAT Ken Jacobs. Anyway, I know the property well having lived 2 doors up from it in the 90's. Back then it apparently still was a convent. And I was still pure. Oh no wait hang on, never mind......

My utterly adorable yet completely diabolical former assistant (who is going to be a kick ass agent one day) attended a New Years shindig at this place and gave me a complete run down on the property post celebration. He said I wouldn't believe it to see it. And I saw it and he was right, I don't believe it. OK, it's a taste thing, I get it. Look, the place is kind of cool, I'm not going to pretend otherwise but to me it just seems as though they tried that little bit too hard. OK fine, that's all great for Darlinghurst/St Kilda but Lavender Bay? Anyway, it's not what I'd have done. Comment away people....

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  1. It's like Austin Powers mated with a uni student sharehouse. WTF indeed.


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