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There are 2 major property websites in Australia, Domain and and for a very long time indeed Domain was the superior of the two but in recent years it has only just managed to hold on to that edge as has kept developing. The edge that Domain once has has now been lost. Why? The simple addition of keyword searching on Of course Domain has this, indeed it pretty much always has but where Domain is falling down now is with their floorplan interface (some floorplans are too large to be properly viewed in the pop up window, has fixed this, Domain has not) but most importantly, Domain is shithouse when it comes to searching sold listings whereas this has always been the forte of and now that has a keyword search it has, in my opinion, taken out the title of Best Real Estate Website in Australia. Well done guys. But don't get complacent, Domain can and likely will catch you up. And to the peeps at Domain, don't despair. Your iPhone app is still better than the app.

This keyword development means that I can now do more specific searches on which in turn means that I can find all those delicious but long sold properties I recall drooling over in years gone by.

Especially 5 Bennett Place, Surry Hills NSW

This place is mega. Seriously massive. Downstairs appears to be a gallery or studio of some sort while upstairs is the residence. As you will see on the floorplan you could fit the Duggar family in here. It's not super posh or anything and it looks like it would be drafty as hell. Plus the weird bridge thing isn't on title AND it connects directly into another building. I would imagine this is a hangover from when the building was actually used as intended, ie: to house wares. In any case, this place sold mid-2009 for somewhere around the $3 million dollar range. (click pics to enlarge)

UPDATE (Jan 2012) - If you want to see how this place scrubbed up in a renovation, click HERE.

And just because I'm a bit dirty and wrong, here's the uncensored version of the Bohemian Like You video by the Dandy Warhols. And no kids, it is NOT safe for work. Do not say I didn't warn you.


  1. Quirky! Also, I have pretty much the same sentiments regarding Domain vs. RealEstate - I'm more likely to use the latter these days.

  2. What I used to find (when I was working in re and used to use both sites) was that for rentals and apartments that were for sale, used to generate the most enquiry/page views but for houses for sale Domain used to spank it. The addition of the keyword search to may change this.

  3. The best thing about the house is definitely the music video that comes with it. I m in favour of a man who confidently wears a mini apron and knows how to do the hula hoop, hereby suggesting a general mastery of movements in the pelvis...
    As for the house, I like the barn field feel of it, the clear red and blue of the facade, and the blue leather couches that take me back to old scouts days where we used to hang out on such couches (in a more unpleasant dark brown) on which generations before us had already tested their firt sense of freedom from home, the vibes of guitar music, long hair, bell bottoms, and the odd descrete beer or smoke.
    The pottery and the old machinery also adds to the atmosphere.
    Going by the floor plan however suggests single or bunk beds in the bedrooms, and 10 people to one bathroom is also an unfavourable ratio that either suggests a long line, a clever schedule or indeed Bohemian lifestyle communal showers (dropped bars of soap optional).

  4. Mmmm smoking.....

    NO! Smoking is bad. Smoking is bad.....


    Anyhoo, just realised that those tiny dorm room/bedrooms don't have windows and aren't really legal bedrooms. Um whoops.


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