Bugger off Bradleys Head Road....

Bradleys Head Road is the road that runs from Mosman village right down to, well, Bradleys Head. Derrrr. But you kids would know it as the road that runs down to Taronga Zoo. I know it as Hell Road. Why? Have you seen the houses? And the hedges? Yes, it's true, I get all hot and bothered by hedges. It's kind of weird but it's not a fetish. Get it? NOT A FETISH. Anyway, enough about the hedges, it's about the houses. So today I'm doing a special bumper edition post about the road on which Bradley apparently got very lucky. Or gave to someone very lucky...... Anyway, I find it difficult to drive down this road, especially the bit between Queen St and the zoo, because I stare at the houses which makes it difficult to drive. Plus I'd say it probably looks like I'm casing the houses so it's best not to dawdle.

The first house I'm going to show you is 5 Bradleys Head Road which sold last year (2010). The property features 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (a good bed/bath ratio although 1:1 is always better) and is, according to its archived listing, a Queen Anne Federation. Whatever, it's pretty, that's all I care about. Because I'm shallow.
(click pics to enlarge)

Woah, check out the place on the left. Seeing it from the street is equally impressive.

I know it's probably clever retouching by the photographers but I love how it appears to glow.

I hope the new owners are putting in a new kitchen. This one is not befitting of this house.

This next pile of amazement is 46 Bradleys Head Road and it sold just this last February (2011) for a lot. It would appear the new owners would like to keep the amount private so I will respect that. At least I will in terms of putting it on the internet, if you really want to know, just ask me next time you see me. Or if you don't know me... well, sucks to be you.

This house was a case of love at first sight for me but apparently not for others as this took a while to sell however I think that was more to do with the general market, especially the top end of the market. There was a recent media report that the top end of the market has seized up once again however I'm not entirely sure and suspect that article had been in the pipeline for a while as I'd noticed some of the places had started to shift in the weeks prior to that article coming out. I should point out though that the top end of the market is still volatile and tricky although I think some of that is due to unrealistic price expectations (*cough*Altona*cough) as well as the practices of certain agents.

Anyway, that's enough of that. Time for some dirty pictures.

If I'd bought this I'd have redone the kitchen/family room area. Because I'm a fussy bitch.

Lovely, isn't it. It's even better in person.

*yawn* Whatever....

Love the kitchen. Maybe if the walls were painted not-beige I could deal with the rest.

I love this. I love the windows, the columns and the furniture. Love love love. Want want want.

The TV cabinet looks like something from a serviced apartment and that's not OK

Great rumpus area. Which needs to be gutted and redone.

This room would have also been redone with some badass joinery.


Finally we've got 50 Bradleys Head Road. At this point I've run out of witty/clever aka bitchy/self-entitled comments to make so I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Except to say that this house is still on the market so if you're interested and cashed up it can be yours.

The chairs are yawn but the room is lovely.

I'd have so much more love for those sofas if they were fabric and not leather.

This could be easily fixed. 

The money shot.


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