By special request.

The lovely Angela, who reads this blog therefore has unimpeachable taste, requested that I show some Queensland style porn. And because Bjelke-Petersen is dead, I am able to oblige this request. Now I don't know Queensland very well at all and apart from a one week stay somewhere in the Whitsundays when I was about 12, I've never even been there so I didn't have a clue where to look for good, wholesome and classy porn. After viewing some utter horrors on Sovereign Island, Angela generously directed me towards New Farm. And thank god she did people because looky what I found.

30 Elystan Road, New Farm QLD


  1. Hah, what can I say, now you ve truly got me! You found my g spot of real estate and now you can work it again, and again, and again.
    I love everything about this style, and the entire house is perfect except for the fire place maybe and some of the furniture, but I love the feel of the house. I wouldn t mind growing old there, ok, older.
    Again, more wooden decking instead of bricks in the courtyard, but that s just a minor detail. It s like when your beloved starts balding, who cares, really.

    I m so moving up North!


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