Do I smell toast?

A lot of you will recognise this building. Mostly because it's right at the bottom of Macquarie Street directly overlooking the Opera House but also because of the controversy the building (known as 'The Toaster')  stirred up when it was being developed. I was living overseas at the time so missed out on all of that but I do find it absolutely hilarious that it's where Alan Jones lives considering he was one of its most vocal critics.

Bennelong - 91/7 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW

I'm not in love with this place but I do like it a lot and penthouses in this development don't come up very often so I sort of feel obliged to share it. Plus, I know the agent and he's a supremely decent fellow so.......

(click pics to enlarge)

OK yep, fine, whatever, just not my taste. I might like it more in person though, right now it's just too brown and white.

As of 20 June 2011 this was still available so if you're interested, call Hamish Robertson (McGrath - Eastern Suburbs) on 0418 608 168


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