Hooley dooley Collingwood.

How did this one get past me?? This one has apparently been on the market for a little while yet I just saw the listing today and christ on a cracker it is fantastic!

10 Perry Street, Collingwood VIC

So the decorating's really not my thing for the most part but the layout is brilliant and I'm completely in love with the garage/workshop arrangement they've got going on. Also love the configuration on the front with the office being completely separate from the private residence yet the access from the residence is completely undercover. This place has sooooooo much potential to be truly great. GIVE IT TO ME.

(click pics to enlarge)

Not OK. Every piece of furniture in this room needs to GTFO.

I'd so put an air hockey table in here.

Depending on what's underneath the floorboards and their age, I'd probably remove them and install underfloor heating and have polished concrete on top.


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