It makes me feel funny in my tummy.

In a good way. Not in a 'I had iffy curry for lunch' kind of way. This one has been on the market for a good while now and has been bumped in the listings probably in order to capitalise on the recent movements in the market. After a bit of a nap, it seems the Sydney property market is once again waking up....

29 Wallaroy Road, Woollahra NSW

This place was designed Burley Katon Halliday and it's fantastic, I really love it. It's big too, the block is 1,049sqm which is pretty bloody massive for Woollahra. Doesn't say if it has heated floors but I'm going to just pretend it does. It's also a stealth house from what I could tell on Google Streetview. (click pics to enlarge)

Mrs C says NO! to the mirrors.

OK, enough pics of this room now please.


  1. My fave is the red wall, really adds life and a holiday feel to everything and goes so well with all the greens from the plants. - What s that in the living room tho, an outer-space camembert or maybe a guest airbed? You re right about the mirrors, they should be on the ceiling and the bed should be a rotating one in the middle of the room with a red-dyed fake mink on it, lol. - Is that a water feature in the garden or a lap pool for seriously skinny people? Love your choices, keep them coming...

  2. I think the thing in the living room is an ottoman but they used clever photography which buggered up the scale so it looks weird. And I think the watery thing in the garden is a water feature but it is the eastern suburbs so one never knows.....


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