Myer Stores Conversion - Paddington.

OK one more for tonight and that's it! I mean it. Stop pestering me.

The bulk of the awesome warehouse conversions has been down there in Melbourne but 108-110 Hargrave St, Paddington NSW is right bang smack in the middle of Sydney and from memory, it is probably the most impressive conversion I've seen. Is it my favourite? Maybe not quite but it's certainly a contender. Only beef I have with it is that it looks like it may be acoustically awkward, what with all those hard surfaces and all. On the other hand, those hard surfaces are less likely to be permanently damaged should the retractable roof decide to stay open in the rain.

And it has heated floors. HEATED FLOORS.

(click pics to enlarge)


  1. I'd move the bedroom into the garage- that's the best room of this house!!

  2. it's like Batmans Garage.


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