Simple but effective in Southbank

So I'm going through warehouse listings in and around Melbourne (to see what else I've missed) and I came across this one which for some reason I'd not yet posted....

40/111 Queensbridge Street, Southbank, Melbourne VIC

OK I'm not going to say "I love this" again (betchers I do) because if it's being posted here you can be pretty sure I love it. I look at countless listings per week and only the absolute best of them make it to this blog. What I am going to say about this place is that the layout is really fantastic and quite creative as you will see on the floorplan. Only gripe with this one is that the listing is short on pictures. Anyway, as of today (26/6/11) the listing says that the property must be sold as the vendor is moving interstate and the asking price is $1,250,000.

(click pics to enlarge)


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