Small and perfectly formed. Just like my rack.

Praaaan? Pra-ran? Prawn?

So kids, I'm all backed up. No, not like that. I eat too much fruit for me to mean it in that way. I mean that I have loads and loads of amazing properties saved that I want to share with you and I haven't even done the major Sydney search yet! So, bookmark this blog and tell your friends that Mrs C has loads of lovely homes coming up and they (and you) do not want to miss out. Hey, it's cheaper than a decorating magazine!

Stable Conversion - 38 Wrights Terrace, Prahran VIC

Apart from being lovely and quaint and gorgeous and all that, this place looks warm. And on a day like today (pissing down, windy and freezing) that is exactly what I'm looking for.

As far as I'm concerned, this house is really a one bedroom house. The room that is marked as the study on the floorplan should clearly be the master bedroom with the proximity to the dressing room and the bathroom and the mezzanine should be the study. And also, I don't really like incorporated laundries in bathrooms although the main reason for this is due to cats/cat litter considerations. As much as I love the fuzzbutts, I want their stinkies as far away from me as possible. And I do not need to be walking on cat litter when I go for a whiz, that is most certainly not how I roll. All that aside though, this place is special. (click pics to enlarge)

Also, since I'm nice, here's a pic of my rack so you can see how awesome it is.


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