Sweet mother of jaysus

OK, I know, you get it, I look at lots of listings. And because of that I can say that there are many, many gorgeous, stunning, beautiful properties out there but I can also say with some authority that it is truly rare to come across a place that is, in my estimation anyway, utterly magical. But here we have such a place and quite simply, it's what dreams are made of.

3/1 Mount Adelaide St, Darling Point NSW

This place is part of the heritage listed Babworth Estate (click here for its history) and best of all, it includes the original ballroom of the estate and let me tell you kiddies, it is a sight to behold. Now I know all about clever real estate photography so fully expect that this place isn't quite as big as the pictures make it out to be but even still it possesses dimensions that are just so very rare. It seems almost decadent. And the place has 6 double bedrooms and 4 bathrooms so it's obviously not small. Anyway, that's enough out of me, let's get to the good stuff.

(click pics to enlarge)


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