Sydney pulls the finger out.

I think it's pretty much compulsory for anyone writing about Australian property to mention Altona. So I  will.

Got a spare 45 million? That's Aussie dollars of course. Which, given the strength of our dollar, is approximately one billion dollars/pounds whatever. OK maybe not but you can't afford this place and neither can I. But together........... nope, still no chance.

'Altona' 54-56 Wunulla Road, Point Piper NSW

Generally I find that the most hyped places tend to disappoint, certainly this is the case with the famed Kalua at Palm Beach. Amazing location but tired interiors. Sorry Ian, it needs to be said.  Anyway, Altona at Point Piper is beautiful inside and out and the location is breathtaking. According to property gossip David Lowy offered $55 million for the house as well as the adjoining block but was turned down. The owners will only sell the adjoining block if they can get $24 million for it, otherwise they plan on building on it themselves. (click pictures to enlarge)

The boat shed. Check out the cooker.

The joinery is impressive. As one would hope.....

Nice enough sofas but I expect better in a house is this calibre.


  1. A practical example of the insane inequality between premium properties.

    For the price of Altona you could buy 10 of these, which is one of Sydney's finest waterfronts IMHO. Privacy, position, reasonably large and not-too-steep block and not on a street that's a permanent construction site. And it's still got big room for improvement.

    Abbotsford, as an area, has improved A LOT from its days as an industrial park with a few boatsheds (this is next to the Sydney Boys boatshed). Also, still with big room for further improvement.

  2. Room for a hell of a lot of improvement with that one but it's a massive block. Doesn't have those money shot views though. That being said, unless the vendor is being stupid about price I'd say that will sell quickly. Listing agent needs to use spellcheck. *anal*

  3. Sure, you don't see the bridge, but you still know what city you're in.

    The views are a little better than the listing photos show. They're up and down river quite a distance - you're not just staring at a bay, and there's quite a lot of harbour traffic around there (which I think is a good thing). Check it on a map to see what I mean.


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