There but for the grace of God go I.

OK maybe not as I'm not a financial retard and don't engage in speculative investing/development. Remember this house at Bayview? Same developers and it would appear they got themselves into strife around the time of the GFC. Knowing a bit of background I'm actually not at all surprised as it was all very risky.

5a Beach Road, Palm Beach NSW

Financial whoopsies aside, this place is great. Well, it looks great, I never got the see the finished product so I hope the build quality is as good as it looks to be. No, not casting aspersions, I just know a lot of the houses in Palm Beach and while there are some truly amazing places there (36 Ocean Road being one of my favourite houses ever) there are also some utter dogs.

Anyway, have a look for yourself and see what you think. Would I have it? Probably not, it's a bit cold and show-home like for me but I still recognise it as good enough for The Porn.

(click pics to enlarge)

Just one quibble before I sign off. I saw this bit of shite on this website -

But there is, for the Packers, and for Rhonda Chisholm, who owns the Ocean Road home of her former husband Sam, just one summertime problem - the daytrippers from the city, who set up camp outside the Joyes' plantation-style home and the Packers' pink summer house. They unload their cars on Ocean Road - where the driveways proclaim "residents parking only" - dragging out deck chairs, tents, umbrellas and Eskies full of beer and aromatic lunch dishes.
"I wouldn't want a house down there on the ocean front," mutters a hilltop dweller. The residents "are always shooing people out of their driveways".

I don't know, maybe it's a love of facts over fiction but this gave me the irrits and I doubt the "hilltop dweller" exists because if they did, they would know that the access/driveways for the Packer/Joye/Chisholm properties are on Florida Road, not Ocean Road. I'd also like to say that while Kalua is certainly lovely, it's not the nicest house in Palm Beach. That honour goes to its neighbour at number 36.


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