And back to South Yarra we go....

Well haven't I got some posting to catch up on! I'm trying here kids, I'm trying. Bear with me. The good news is that I'm just about to hit assessment season for the post grad I'm doing so that means lots of web-based procrastination which will likely mean lots of new posts too. 

One other thing - I'd like to extend a shout out to my readers in Malaysia! I've noticed there's a fair few of you and that pleases me. I have family from Malaysia and they're all awesome and I'm sure you're all awesome too.

19 Cliff Street, South Yarra VIC

While I'm generally more fond of older places that have been modernised, this next property is something I'd move into in a heartbeat. It's not massive and it's not particularly grand but the layout is good, it has everything I'd want and the fittings and finishes appear to be of a very high standard. The web listing tells me the property was "just completed" by 94 Feet Property Development and my eyes tell me they did a good job. If you're interested in this property then I suggest you get yourself right on the blower to Marcus Chiminello of Marshall White Armadale. He can be reached on 0411 411 271. Oh and it's worth mentioning that Mr Chiminello is rather easy on the eyes......

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