And then around the corner to Toorak

As I've previously whinged, the recent listings have been most uninspiring but I'm hoping this will change as interest rates keep holding. In fact one bank (Westpac maybe) believes they may actually decrease again this year although not entirely sure what that's based on. I could google and find out but I can't be bothered. This is a property blog, not a banking and finance blog.

2 Gordon Street, Toorak VIC

It's not big and grand and shiny but it's delightful and I want it. But in Sydney please. If someone could make that happen I'd be very grateful.


  1. What a great site you have here! I love your tongue-in-cheek language and the pictures are fabulous. It is nice to fantasize about such homes, yes? :-)

  2. Yay thanks!!! What you call tongue-in-cheek is what my mother refers to as filthy gutter talk but I'm more than happy to take the compliment!


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