The Bogeyman and I.

So it's been yet another week of uninspiring and yawn inducing listings which has sent me back into the archives to find something amazing to show you all. And having gone back into my archives I'm realising that the properties I've been posting about have been setting the bar very high indeed and this means that I've decided that some of the archived properties are no longer up to the standards of The Porn. Aaah, first world problems........

367 Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda VIC

A few of you may have seen this property before as I posted it on my Facebook so you'll have to forgive me but my international fans must be satisfied. You understand of course.

I don't know Melbourne well, as I've already said (or maybe haven't, can't be arsed looking) - I've only been to Melbourne once and it was for less than 24 hours. So I don't know Melbourne at all and especially don't know St Kilda. But the map tells me this place is pretty close to the water and that's enough for me.
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  1. My abiding memory of living in a terrace was feeling like I was living in a train carriage.

    Give me one of your warehouses anyday.


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