Feeling picky tonight.

Once again Sydney has given me nothing. At least nothing inspiring so we're back to Melbourne. Again. Bloody hell. And I'm going to pump this one out quickly because I'm really hungry and have told myself I can't cook dinner until I've made a post.

12 Jolimont Terrace, East Melbourne VIC

So here we go, a lovely terrace in East Melbourne. Ignore the furniture, it's so not about the furniture. It's about that awesome extension out the back and the sheer beauty of the front.


  1. I like its face way better than its body.

    If you know what I mean.

  2. Butter body? Gotcha. ;) Really did phone this one in a little. *shamed*

  3. I love the bluestone + brick exterior work.

    Why all the upper floor glass? Not looking out onto a garden or anything else. I don't get that.

    I'd be curious to hear your views on this place and its marketing. It's a bit of a change of pace from places posted about here. Caution: Balinese influences. There's a slew of listings for it but this is the best.


    youtube video - ignoring the obvious salesmanship and decor concerns the footage gives you an idea of the pedigree of the area and the views.


    dedicated website

  4. The advantage with the upper floor glass is about light/heat however that glass would want to be double glazed.

    That other place is lovely, it's been on the market for a while, yes? The furniture's not to my taste but the Balinese thing is done well and doesn't worry me. In that house and that setting I can totally deal with Balinese. I would imagine this is being heavily marketed overseas? In Asia especially? I certainly hope it is. The dedicated site is good.
    Don't know what they want for this, assume it's similar to the Muster place although that did sell in a better market.

  5. I have no answers to your questions! Realistically whatever it is they're asking I can't afford so I haven't even bothered enquiring; I know nothing about the international marketing scene.

    Maybe the vendors are deluded and too active in the process but it is a damn fine place in a great area and, again, I'm confused as to how it's still on the market. It doesn't have any of the trophy property stupidity and monstrous maintenance. I know if I could buy it I would and I'd use it.

  6. Actually, I think the vendors are doing a better job of marketing this place than the agent is. I noted on the Ballard site that the web copy was lifted directly from the website that the vendors did. If I were them I wouldn't be overly impressed. I know that particular agent likes to talk himself up a hell of a lot but has the place sold? No it hasn't.
    As to why it's still on the market, I'd have to think it's coming down to price. And that doesn't necessarily mean the vendors are being unreasonable, it's possibly more that they have a price in mind and if they don't get it then they're happy to stay put. And fair enough too.

  7. What I meant was deluded on price. Sure it's their place and all, but putting that site together and having multiple agents out there indicates to me that they want to sell it.

    It may or may not the case here, but there is a point at which vendors lose interest when they heavily pimp a property yet are unwilling to sell or compromise in any way.

    Biggest example I can think of are the Miskins. On again off again games for years with multiple different agents and separate title games. I'm 100% certain they've fucked themselves with their Altona shenanigans.

    The place isn't worth $60-65 in this market and nobody's going to pay $45+ to live right next to a freshly constructed house on the smaller block. And the Lowys won't be bidding again so yeah, not looking good.

    Needless to say the $55 offered by the Lowys back then would already be worth a lot more than whatever they're asking in 2011 money. So they were fucked then and the longer they go on the worse it gets for them IMHO.

  8. I'm inclined to agree. Unless the various agents are in different countries, I've never seen the point of using more than one agent. For a start it puts the agent offside somewhat and also, as you mentioned, makes the vendors look slightly desperate. One local agent should be able to handle it, especially in the age of internet marketing.
    One of the things with this blog is that I've decided to avoid gossip and respect people's privacy which is now a bit of a pain as I've got great goss on Altona but can't share it. Suffice to say that the agents involved haven't exactly helped the process. And you're right, they should have taken the Lowy offer. Silly, silly, silly....

  9. I'm with you on the privacy thing - all I drew conclusions from is what's out there already on Altona. That said you could email me your thoughts lol

    Maybe the agents had a role in the Miskins over-playing their hand - I simply dunno. Talk it up for the business, talk it down for the sale is what I'm imagining.

    This is the only name-drop I'll make, and it's to support the point here. I know the Banks very well, and they know when and how to sell their assets. Hopefully that doesn't appear bitchy because I'm not jealous of people consistently getting it right! Verification of that is, again, all on the public record.

    Whether it was $52 or $44 in 2011 money that they got for Villa Veneto, I think that'll be remembered as a pretty good deal and a better approach than the Miskins have taken.

  10. If I'm not mistaken, didn't the Miskins pay around $28 million for it? And yet somehow they think it's worth considerably more than $55 million? I can't follow their logic and think they must be getting some REALLY bad advice. Or, more likely, this is all ego driven. I don't know the Miskins so probably shouldn't comment. I don't know the Banks either but know Andrew by reputation and he didn't get where he is by making rash and ego based decisions.


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