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Haven't I been the slack bitch! Sorry kids, the urge to post saucy property pictures abandoned me this week but it's back now so all is right and good in the world again. The listings of the past week have been totally uninspiring so  I'm going to start tonight off with a small yet perfectly formed place that recently sold in Darling Point.

23 Yarranabbe Road, Darling Point NSW

I don't know what the outside of this place looks like, the listing doesn't have any pictures of the building facade so I suspect this place may be a stealth property but am not entirely sure. What I am sure of is that it's amazing. Not very big, indeed it's probably a bit small for any family with more than one child but it's utterly divine and I want it. But cannot have it as it sold this last March (2011) for a gut dropping $4,850,000. The listing tells me that this is the penthouse of a strata development but that there are no common walls. Fantastic, no rumpy pumpy noises coming though the walls......


(click pics to enlarge)


  1. If this was my place I d make the piano available to impoverished music students, for the obvious reasons... piano as foreplay and a violinist for mains, playing Tchaikovsky s violin concerto, 3rd movement. Although not in favour of men from Eastern Europe in general, I would make an exception here. The piano would be in the bedroom, where it belongs, that funny blue thing would have to go.


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