I dream of Summer.

Yep, still cold as hell. OK sure, I know that "cold" in Sydney is pretty relative compared to Northern Europe and North America but I don't care about those places. I only care about myself and I'm cold OK? And we're looking at another 2 to 3 months of this. Another 2 to 3 months of running the heat and dealing with the resulting electricity bills. Another 2 to 3 months of wearing so many layers at home that it takes half an hour to get undressed for bed because you see kiddies, I have floorboards all through my house and they're not laid on a slab. And of course the sub-floor clearance is such that sub-floor insulation is an impossibility. I know this because I've tried pretty much every insulation place in Sydney and no one will do it because it's OMG dark and scary and there might be big awful spiders. Righto, that's enough whining about soft insulation installers.......

70 The Serpentine, Bilgola Beach NSW

So there's Bilgola Beach and there's Bilgola Plateau aka "The Plateau". Bilgola Beach is expensive and Bilgola Plateau is less expensive. I was going to say "not expensive" as I forget that most people don't consider $800,000 for a house to be a bargain but that's the reality of this area. Anyway, this next place sold for $4,300,000 this last March (2011) having undergone a massive renovation. But the shitter is that the vendors had paid $4,000,000 for it in 2006* so with legals, stamp duty and the renovation costs it would seem that there wouldn't have been much, if any, profit. Oh wells, they did a fantastic job. Well I think so anyway. What do you think?

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  1. I felt I ve exposed myself there a little, liking the Queenslander and not liking, well, so many heartless places I ve seen in real estate. Not sure how to describe what s in my heart and in my dreams, some kind of an eco-resort style trea house to which I can invite a lot of friends to help me make my own bio-gas (yes, that way...), where I can have long baths and showers with rain water, a vegetable garden and chicken. Preferrably my house would be composed of little components or huts and be partly on stilts, and partly built into a cliff, overlooking a river or the ocean. I would love to have lots of native bush land around, practice yoga and personal enlightenment, or just hug my trees.

    I have it in my head and I will build it one day...

  2. It's meant to be a beachhouse, so I think heated floors are unlikely. I can't quite put my finger on it, maybe it's just the photos not doing it justice.

    It seems like just a nice house, almost some discreet South Yarra/Toorak job picked up and dumped on the northern beaches. South-facing is a big drawback on this.

    Give me 1 Myola Rd Newport over this anyday. Pretty much speaks for itself.

  3. Uli I will find something for you, don't you worry.

    Yokied, you're right, south facing is a bugger on this one. It does get pretty cold in winter though so heated floors would have been nice however I am slightly obsessed with them. I have 1 Myola in my archived, to-be-posted list. Might post it later for everyone else. By the way, are you one of the girls?

  4. Mrs C - nah I'm a guy. I know it's not fashionable but fyi: my parents have a bulletproof (synthetic multi-tone brown-beige-sand camo style) carpet at their beach house on the south coast. It's much more manageable to heat in winter, hardly ever visibly needs cleaning, and is way more practical than floorboards/concrete with dripping wet people wandering around in summer.

    I came across your blog while doing my research on a place that you've written about (that Bennelong penthouse). I like your style so I'll stick around.

  5. Oh brilliant! I thought the only people who read this blog were friends and relatives so this is exciting. I'll have to up my game now - have been a bit slack lately but recent listings have failed to inspire me.


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