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The last few years have seen the movement of some pretty substantial properties along the Newport beachfront but not without a degree of intrigue as well as a few tears. In 2007 Harry Hodge (somewhat) famously paid $15,000,000 for a beachfront property at 7 Calvert Parade. The property really is lovely and the location is quite amazing but the house has bad joojoo. I'm not going to go into why that is so but trust me, the bad joojoo is strong in that house. Anyway, it ended up back on the market in pretty short order, couldn't tell you exactly why but I'd imagine it had something to do with the Global Financial Clusterfuck* as well as the failure of Hodge's other property to sell. In any case, the property eventually fetched $12,000,000 which is a pretty chunky loss by anyone's standards.

1 Myola Road, Newport NSW

This next house is rather like the aforementioned 7 Calvert Parade but the location is arguably better and it's also likely to be sans the bad joojoo. Designed by Susan Rothwell (love her work long time) this house sits very close to Newport Surf Club and is walking distance to everything Newport has to offer. And for a little beach town, it has a hell of a lot to offer. After a brief, uh..... 'awkward' stage, Newport has regenerated into a fantastic little village with some very good restaurants. The redesign of the main thoroughfare really worked and I'll admit it, I was one of the doubters who thought Pittwater Council had gone and lost their minds when I saw what they were planning on doing.

1 Myola Road has been on the market for a little while now and I'm not sure why. Could be that the owner is looking for a similar price to what 7 Calvert got but I don't know how many people are keen to spend upwards of 10 million dollars on something that could potentially be washed away if sea levels rise. Maybe they won't, who knows but beachfront property seems to me to be a pretty risky venture.
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The location is amazing. Although sometimes such a location can have its drawbacks.......

The counter tops are beautiful but impractical. I'd be replacing them with stone or maybe stainless steel but probably stone would work better in this house.

* Credit to Jon Stewart/The Daily Show


  1. Just look at that floorplan. Best lit spaces went to living, and are shielded from the south.

    Look at that siteplan - sitting nicely back behind others on the strip to minimise exposure to nasty southerly stuff.

    The whole thing just screams practicality - I could go on all day but I'll draw attention to what readers here are most likely to miss.

    You could have an entire wing of that ground floor as a den, or dens within dens within dens. Entering via the gym you'd never use. Perfect. 21st century equivalent of entering the lair through the bookshelf that never used to get touched.

    Owner at the time + Susan Rothwell: take a bow.


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