Plantation House - Darling Point

My post count for this month is pitiful so I'm going to try and catch up a little however the standard of The Porn shall not be compromised. As evidenced by....

12 Greenoakes Ave, Darling Point NSW

This one has been sitting on my archive list for a while but I feel it about time to dust it off to share it. One of the bedrooms has already been featured in my bedroom special so it will be familiar to my more regular readers. The decor of this place is pretty safe and inoffensive but also warm and inviting. And the block of land is quite large, 1,700+ sqm. The listing tells me that credit for the house "re-creation" goes to Michael Suttor and credit for the interiors goes to Michael Love. So there you go.


  1. I'm going with AC vent. It looks nice in photos but I suspect they aren't doing justice to it. Looks like quite a few exterior details are being missed.

    One could probably fit a fair few units onto that block. Lovely house in many ways, and I'd be sad to see it go if it was on my street. But not exactly a logical choice for the money with no view and no real garden, compared with what's available in Vaucluse, Bellevue Hill etc.

    It might be good enough to defy gravity a little bit longer, partially saved by the financial health of the average Sydney developer, and I love the Spanish tiling, but its days are numbered IMHO.


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