Sweet William

Real estate agents love using superlatives. I have to give them a break on this as I've been in the same position and when you've written property description after property description it becomes rather hard to come up with inspiring copy. And then there's also the issue of not offending the vendor. So when I see a listing that says the property is "immaculately presented" or "designed for family living" I'm pretty sure the property is made of ugly and/or the vendor has horrible taste.

The listing for 10 William Street, South Yarra VIC is not short on superlatives, nor should it be as it's nothing short of spectacular AND it still needs work! Not a lot of work though and what work it needs depends on what the buyer wants to do with it. The listing states that "potential exists to develop rear area which includes exhibition space, cottage and stables STCA." And that the property was "used for many years as South Yarra Galleries presently comprising 6-roomed guest house, office, kitchen and two bathrooms." If I had this I'd incorporate the bathroom and dressing room on the top floor of Residence 1 into a large master suite. But what about Residence 2? What do you guys think? Don't be shy, drop me a comment below and tell me EVERYTHING. Do not leave anything out.

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  1. A wise old dickhead once told me no tattoos before you're 60, and no stairs in working spaces. Bedrooms-bathrooms and kitchens-eateries are working spaces.

    Scrap the kitchens and bathrooms entirely and start again.

    Sometimes the voices in my head are actually right. Subdivision is possible - just fill in the pool and you've got a garage. Assuming you want to keep the property intact, I don't think there's much you can do with that rear building that will gel with the levels of (looking for the right word) pretence(?) of the front house.

    Gallery, studio, or office all seem like safe options, but there's a fair bit of space to use back there and even with table tennis, billiards and air hockey you'll still be struggling.

    I know you want sanity but if you want to live the dream then I do too: squash court.

  2. I was looking at this one in the Melbourne Weekly last night. Fucking amazing, and such a brilliant spot close to Toorak Rd and Chapel St.

  3. I was also admiring this place last night http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Sale/House/VIC/Camberwell/?adid=2009115773 I love the use of colour although some of the furnishings are a bit naff.

  4. @yokied - you had me at "air hockey table". Best game ever.

    missb, you're right about the furnishings but the bones of that house are lovely.


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