Ballroom Apartment in South Yarra.

It's a room for balls. Take that however you like.

246C Domain Road, South Yarra VIC

This one is ever so slightly more affordable than the ballroom apartment at Babworth House but it's just as special. In fact I kind of prefer it; it's not quite as intimidating as Babworth House and it has the feel of a church conversion. Only thing is the stairs to the upper floors. The floorplan shows a circular staircase servicing those areas. You ever tried to get a king sized bed up a circular staircase? I have, it doesn't work unless it's a bloody big staircase but in the case of this place I am just going to assume the staircase actually is bloody big.

UPDATE - it's 2014 and I'm digging through the archives, fixing lots of dead links. I have posted some pretty bloody impressive places in the years since I posted this but this is still a favourite. I think it's quite magical.

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