Get Your History On.

I can't very well have this blog and not post about the upcoming sale of The Keepers Cottage at Vaucluse. It just wouldn't be right.

The Keepers Cottage, Old South Head Road, Vaucluse NSW

This place is truly one of Sydney's trophy properties and the chance to buy it is a rare one indeed. I'm not going to bang on about it because I'll just be ripping off what I read in the Sydney Morning Herald so I might as well just link you directly to that article - click HERE to read more about the property and its historical significance. And scroll down to marvel at its beauty.

I've taken the liberty of drawing a giant red arrow so it's clear where this place sits. You're welcome.


  1. If only they could see us now... It's very well done though - thanks.

  2. I thought of this place when I saw this


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