A loooong time ago - The Update.

The listing for 10 Bay Street, Mosman has been picked up by another agent and there are new pics to look at. And, more importantly, a floorplan. Yokied, you were quite correct, the house is a hell of a lot smaller than one would think but I still love it. And if it's only as dark in there are these recent pictures depict then I'm quite OK with that.

Would need to see this in person but it looks like it needs a refit.

I'm just too chaotic and grubby for this much white upholstery.

Gone to Narnia, brb.

This kitchen shot is much better than the one in the other listing. Kitchen is actually a lot bigger than I thought. But it appears there's no extractor above/near the cooktop, not even one of those Gaggenau ones that comes up from with benchtop. If that is the case then that is a massive oversight on the part of the kitchen designer.

The longing. Oh my lawdy jeebus the longing....

I like tennis. I don't think I'm any good at it but it combines 2 of my favourite activities; running around and  enthusiastically bashing things.

One of the things I most like about this place is the size of the house Vs the size of the block. A block this size (over 5000sqm) usually has a massive house plonked on it. But not this one. Having such a modest sized house on this block is almost arrogant. It says "yes it's a massive block and yes it's worth a fortune but I think I'll just keep most of it as my own private park". And that is something I can totally get behind because as I said in the other post on this place, if I could afford to buy this place there's not a lot I'd change.


  1. Nice, nice, love all the green! and the unashamed bathroom windows, lol. The size of the plot is nice indeed. I ll have that one please, so cosy. :)

  2. Sry shudve said brb but rly had 2 save world. Soooooooo gud 2 b back in this marvellous country dominated by ludicrously lucky over-privileged ignorant but malleable wankers. A country with quality beaches, weather, roads, water, electricity, internet, gas, women.

    Nice rant about the extortion attempt.

    Back to biz: like you, I'd have this and not change much, but 3 points:

    1. Dunne has a good rep, and has done most of the neighbouring sales I've seen. Maybe this indicates a new-found vendor readiness to actually sell the thing, or maybe they've been following the blog!

    2. quality photography - this is a perfect illustration of how night and day two presentations of the same property can be. This being the day+++ presentation, where +++ indicates massive brightening in photos 2, 3 and 8. That lawn looks ok in the photo but to my cricketing eyes it is clearly struggling.

    In addition to brightening, angles (and times to shoot) have been expertly selected outdoor to avoid the huge bank of trees blocking northerly light, and indoor to get the light coming in at the other end of the house to minimise the darrrk.

    Live in a jungle, it's gonna be darker. Shot 4 has much more natural colours and the more pronounced shadows of the real world.

    3. rangehood - well spotted. I had it subconsciously pencilled in my way: light is clearly a big enough problem in there for several skylights to be needed. Sure, install one but leave the skylight.

    This brings me to point 3.5: limited expansion options. Depending on how crazy things get in the reproductive department, more bedrooms may be required, but I wouldn't want to lose a single skylight - maybe convert downstairs garaging into 2 or 3 more bedrooms? I guess the darlings need windows though, which would probably necessitate a new house altogether, or building up at the back (eastern end) and lose some light in entry and back rooms like this place.


    Or just extend the house south to reclaim the other garage and the guest accommodation, moving them underneath the tennis court as we discussed earlier. Either way, the flow of the core living areas must remain, with max light.

    4. history. Back when this (Mosman) was built I'm sure it was seen as far from modest, but in these somewhat warped times after a massive increase in average housing sqm it does appear modest.

  3. And now they've pulled this listing too. Maybe it sold quickly at an adjusted price, but I doubt it - it would've been reported.


  4. Shot 4 is actually my favourite shot! And the listing has been pulled because the owner's enjoy my blog so much they decided to give the house to me.

    I wish.

    Do you know who owns that house on Water St @ Wahroonga? It's new yes? From the front it looks like it might be old but the inside seems new. Thanks for that link to the Chancellor blog, if I knew the Bay St house used to be owned by the Dyers then I must have forgotten about it. They're right about the Chinese, I think they're cherry picking. That recent $50 million listing in Darling Point? I reckon that will almost certainly sell to the Chinese. Altona? No way.

    Sadly my access to RPData is no more so I can't check records. I may get the access back again but am not counting on it.

  5. Steve Askew - also has Elan penthouse on market. (Privacy concerns to be taken up with google on that one.)

    What no rpdata or industry contacts did for me: improve powers of observation and googling! When they listed Water St, no address was given, yet there is the name of the current owners clearly visible in the virtual tour.

    I don't think it's new, but it may as well be. Archived realestate.com.au listing shows a quite different look prior, particularly the interiors. Quite a stunning reversal. I like their style.


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