A Promise of Warmer Days Ahead.

Although it's still technically winter it seems as though the cold has lost its bite and it would appear that warmer days are just over the horizon. This is good news, I hate the cold. Although I find it easier to dress for colder weather for some reason, especially regarding work clothes. Back in my fillum days such issues weren't a concern but life has changed somewhat and now I have to wear grown up clothes to work.

3B Iluka Road, Palm Beach NSW

While I'd imagine this place isn't cheap, it's on the non-waterfront side of Iluka Road and that does limit the price somewhat so the address of this place shouldn't scare you away. I can also say (with some degree of confidence) that a place like this would have no shortage of people wanting to use it as a holiday rental so it's potentially a really good buy.

And it has heated floors.

(click pics to enlarge)


  1. I love it, I LOVE IT, my dream house so far. Thank you Ms. C. What to do with the four bunks tho? Fill them up with kids? lol

  2. Aaah yes the bunks. Those bunks = $$$$$ on the holiday rental circuit. Genius.


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