So Hip it Hurts.

Property presentation is such an important part of selling a property but it's also important to realise that a lot of what makes a place so enticing will be leaving with the former owners upon settlement. That being said, some places are presented so well they pretty much sell themselves. Which was the case with this next property.

52 Underwood Street, Paddington NSW

Now don't quote me on this but my recall tells me that this place was under contract within minutes of being listed and understandably so when you look at the pictures. Now I get that this may not be everyone's taste but believe me, it is quite brilliant and completely worthy of a post on The Porn. And guess what else kiddles? Yes, there's UNDERFLOOR HEATING!!!!

That bed head is way too small for that bed.

The joinery is brilliant.

Minor quibble but that platform needs something at the edge to stop the legs of the chairs from sliding over it.


  1. Cmon ungrateful ppl - give her something! She's doing a fine job presenting these to you.

    You're right - this is well presented, again under-scoring the importance of the photography.

    It's solidly too busy for me in colours and patterns everywhere - I prefer the art to do the talking. Also too cluttered - need my lebensraum. But it's a nice place.

  2. Aaahaha bless your heart! Most of the comment action takes place on my FB page where these posts are linked. This place garnered 15+ comments and the vote was very much split. Visually it's a treat but it's not how I'd have my place although there are elements I'd take from this.


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