Stealth House in East Melbourne

You know, it's not like there's a shortage of architects doing good work in Sydney so where's the inspiration guys? Over and over again I am finding my inspiration in Melbourne. Could it be that, in regards to architecture and design, Melbourne has it all over Sydney? Say it isn't so.....

130 Powlett St, East Melbourne VIC

This next place is another one I'd have in a minute. Obviously I love all the properties I've posted about but that doesn't mean I'd live in all of them. Some of them are too big, others too impractical but this one has 100% got the goods. Including slab heating. This property also has a pedigree. From the listing: "Historically significant, this 1867 tuckpointed terrace built by Duncan and Burley for Trinity Public School Headmaster Stephen Trythall has been magnificently restored to unite its proud origins with luxurious contemporary additions in one of Melbourne's most exclusive residential areas. Clever architectural design unites the two-storey terrace and rear-two storey servants quarters via walls and walkways of glass; while original detail from an authentic 1867 study through to the rear two-horse stable have been perfectly preserved."

Clever indeed. Take a look.

(click pics to enlarge)

The bench stools are yawn. But really, I'm just being picky now because I do love this place.

The bill for the tiling on this place would have been off the bloody charts.

I don't love the lounge however it's clearly designed for some dedicated TV watching and that is something I can totally stand behind.

I'd have a bedhead.

You can't see them very well but the tiles are amazing.

I would prefer a nice inky blue on the walls. And the sofa needs to go.

I won't go too mental here because this stuff can be removed in under a minute but what the hell were they thinking? This isn't Hoyts or an RSL so why the ugly cinema furniture? That is the kind of furniture they use in cinemas and RSLs because it's cheap, easy to wipe down and a lot of it can be shoved into a small area. NOT necessary in a private home, especially one of this calibre. 


  1. This house uses hacks. Its layout defies my normal simple brain's logic.

    But I want it.

    All the same.

  2. Glad it's not just me. The floorplan gives me the confuzzlements.

  3. Stealth is right. Two storey 4 car garage with lifts. Fold-away TV in bathroom (or dressing-room?) ceiling above taps. Class.

    Lots of stairs - I'm not sure it'd be that kiddie-friendly on the ground, day-to-day.


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