Suck on this Melbourne.

As predicted, the recent lack of movement on interest rates in Australia has seen many properties hit the market and I have been diligently going through the daily listings searching for amazing porn. And have been largely disappointed, especially with Sydney's efforts but thankfully Melbourne has been able to pick up the slack. But things are about to change because Sydney has BROUGHT IT.

Kutti Beach, Vaucluse, Sydney NSW

Anyone who knows me knows it's pretty damn rare that I am rendered speechless but this place did it. OK yes, the vendors are looking for over $25 million dollars for this place but this place doesn't so much scream money rather it screams quality. And quality is something I can get behind. According to the listing Graham Jahn is the man responsible for this house. So bravo to Mr Jahn. *polite applause*

Pour yourself a drink and settle in, there are a hell of a lot of pictures on this listing. But sadly no floorplan. And, as always, click the pictures to make them bigger.



Mum, you should do something like this in your boat house. The fairy lights I mean.

Your move Melbourne.....

If you're interested and cashed up, please call Jessica Kirkpatrick of Unique Estates on 1300 911 720


  1. Nice! I like. Frangipani trees on the deck, always a winner. So much wood, yeah, I like it, I like it. The bathroom that looks like a sauna, I also like that one. Not in favour of the brown carpet and the blue sheets, but that can be changed. I like the idea of having a boat house, too. When can I move in, Ms. C? You ve warmed my heart. xx

  2. When I look at those photos, I am not sure if I'm looking at some artist's/architect's renderings or the finished house. Some of that's the photography too, credit where it's due. If you were seeing it through my camera, probably nicht zer gut.

    I really dig the ludicrous domed fittings too.

    I think this came on the market for $20 then was written up in domain then was withdrawn and re-listed at $25. Don't quote me but I think I'm right.

  3. Aaah Uli, I thought you'd like this one! You can move in after settlement. But first, can I borrow about $26 million?

    yokied, thank you, I was also thinking I'd seen this before. I did a search and it seems the agents tidied up behind them as there's no trace of the former listing on the internet but I too am sure I saw it.


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