The hills of Surry.

Holy moley Jeff Spicoli! Shamed mercilessly by Melbourne, Sydney has lifted its act and put its game face on. And not a moment too soon.

393 Riley Street, Surry Hills NSW

This isn't a house, it's a lair. It's a place from which one would plot total world domination. It's a sanctuary. It is worth all the best and tackiest real estate-speak superlatives. It is a god amongst homes. It is the embodiment of why I love architecture and design and property porn. It is the reason I search real estate databases endlessly and often fruitlessly. And to some very lucky person, this is home.

So private.

Is it just me or are those stairs really bloody steep?

The full listing is here.


  1. I kept expecting to see a shirtless Mark Wahlberg cruising through one of those shots.

    Depressingly good. But all bad men must come to an end, and seppuku in that courtyard would almost compensate for the disappointment of seeing the world escape one's control.

    That stairwell atrium is superb.

  2. I'd like to have seen some pictures of the bathrooms. I'd carve out a section of the garage for an air hockey table. It would have to be cordoned off to protect the cars from flying pucks but there's so much space that it's quite OK.

  3. There's enough room in there to wall off an entire games room. I'd have a canoe or some other substantial outdoor ornament hanging from the rafters in there too.

    Those stairs may be steep, but the more I look at that section of the house the more masterly it seems.

    It's simply too good. I've been staring at these photos thinking for a good 20 mins or more. It's just occurred to me that this is roughly the same size as that Newtown warehouse, but better in every single way.

    Oh, and in that superbly-designed, beautifully-lit and spectacularly-square casual living and dining area, it needs something round and asymmetrical. Like a $24.95 corduroy lime-green beanbag. Something they can complain about, you know?

  4. Very very very nice. I love everything in this house, the clear lines and all the Japanese feel of it, there would be heating under the sunken table. I d alter the pool so that I can do watsu in it. The floor of the garage needs a bit of a face lift, and the long stair case needs a descreet non slip surface, I m such a freak about falling down staircases (in socks). The movie room needs a bit more of intimacy, maybe lower lounges/chaiselongues instead of the rows, a Moroccan or Indian style love nest sort of thing. Love this place, very good choice. Add a fireplace or two for the winter?

  5. Vaguely similar themes in this Vaucluse listing, which I like a lot.


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