An honourable mention and then yet another brilliant conversion.

So you may have heard about that $50 million dollar plus place for sale at Darling Point and you may be waiting for me to feature it. Sorry, not going to happen. I don't like it. The position is fantastic but the house is not worthy of this blog. Sure, it's a lot nicer than my own house but I won't be featuring my house here either.....

In other property news, my parents have accepted an offer on their house in Ireland. I'm devastated, I LOVED that place. When they put it on the market I wasn't too fussed as the high end of the Irish property market has been seized up for years now, even before the official start of their economic woes. But I forgot that God hates me. The bloody house sold after one inspection and for close to asking price and this was achieved without a penny spent on marketing or advertising. I'd not be mentioning this transaction at all but for the sheer awe I have at the efforts of one John Kerr of Clonakilty. Check out his agency website here.

Take a bow John.

Stuff that, sale fell over.

8 Piper Lane, Annandale NSW

I probably can't afford this so it's a moot point but the only thing that would stop me buying this place is the lack of parking. Otherwise I love it like a fat kid loves cake. I like the effort that has gone into it, the subtle details as well as the fantastic joinery in the kitchen. I've seen too many warehouses where the kitchen carcasses just look sort of thrown in there so this place is a treat.

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