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As one would imagine, Sydney has been home to some pretty seriously amazing houses, many dating back to colonial times. Sadly a lot of these homes were lost in 1950's - 1980's in the haste to redevelop anything that would stand still long enough and the replacements were often breathtakingly ugly. I don't mean to sound like Prince Charles but when it comes to architecture, if it ain't broke, don't be bloody well fixing it, OK? If you're not going to redevelop or even renovate properly then don't do it at all! To ugly property Mrs C says NO. And so should you.

'Bomera' 1 Wylde Street, Potts Point NSW

From the listing - "A rare surviving example of Sydney's majestic past, the magnificent Italianate sandstone mansion Bomera was built in 1856 for colonial merchant William McQuade and his family. A significant Sydney harbour estate and the former Naval Maritime Headquarters, this opulent marine villa is surrounded by manicured park-like grounds at the northern tip of the Potts Point peninsula. A meticulous restoration and revival under the guidance of heritage architects Graham Brookes & Associates has returned this historic estate to its former glory while creating a world-class residence commanding unrivalled northerly views over the harbour." And the restoration does indeed appear to be meticulous. Too much so in some ways, it seems they've tried to recreate how this house would have been back in the day. And that's OK. But isn't what I would do. That being said the changes I would make pretty much only relate to paint colours and furniture which is merely a matter of taste. The main thing being that the integrity of this house has been maintained and that's something I can totally applaud.

So go and get yourself a cup of tea and settle in; this listing comes with the motherload of pictures.

(click pics to enlarge)

This and the picture below are of the living/kitchen/dining area in the converted stables.

Wow. This spins me out. Imagine looking out your window and seeing that.


  1. Even with no cruiseliners in front of the house, just the view of the naval base would give you several eyefulls every now and then I would've thought. boom tish

  2. Take a bow. ;)

    Can you imagine the security this place would require being in that neighbourhood? Mind you, the sailors could cast a quick eye over it every time they headed up to the Cross to buy a root.

  3. I have only one thing to say...
    I want that kitchen.

  4. Isn't it great. I wonder if the cooker is original and they've reconditioned it? I also wonder how much of the house is still original (to the house) and how much came from salvage shops. I love salvage shops.

  5. It may have been custom made - I sold kitchen and bathroom fittings for several months, and had the contact details of custom white goods makers. I've since lost them, but they do exist, even for such a niche market


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