Murphy's Law

Yes I know, I’m a bad blogger. It’s just that there’s so much stale stock on the market that I’m not getting my inspiration. I feel somewhat pressed to post more given I’m getting so many damn hits. The things people google will never cease to amaze me and given the major keyword for this blog is “porn” I’m getting a really, uh, fascinating insight into people’s varying sexual proclivities. You people are sick and that’s why I like you. By the way, do not think for a moment that I didn’t know exactly what I was doing when I named this blog The Porn.

4/44 Murphy St, South Yarra VIC

This place makes me feel a little bit dizzy in my brains. It would be so perfect for me. Well, excepting the fact that it’s in Melbourne and I’m in Sydney. The lighting on the staircase is amazing, I love it. The exterior is beautiful. The one and only thing that prevents this place from being utter perfection is the lack of underfloor heating. But that’s OK, this place is so good I can totally look past that. And I don’t want to promise too much but if someone were to buy me something similar in Sydney I might be inclined to show them some love ifyougetmydrift.


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