Yet another Eastern Suburbs waterfront.

I swear I've read somewhere who owns this but I can't recall who it was or where I read it. And I currently don't have access to property records but if I do come across a public mention of this house and its owner I will share it with you.

27 Eastbourne Road, Darling Point NSW

OK sure, it is kind of typical Eastern Suburbs but it's really quite lovely and totally worthy of The Porn so here it is for you to drool over. I saved this listing a little while back but have to say, it's even better on second viewing. I really like this place a lot.

*golf clap*

Fabulous. I bow to the architect/designer/whoever is responsible for this.

I appreciate that the installation above the table won't be to everyone's taste but I love it.

Sorry, no floorplan. :(


  1. God you must trawl through a lot of listings! Like the atrium and frosted glass shower.

    Not so sure why they went for floorboards for living areas when stone seems to be the default elsewhere.

    An all stone affair (or change the whole setup in the living areas if you're gonna stick with wooden floors) and this would be good enough for me.

  2. I really do, it's almost pathetic. I agree with you about the stone too. Better with underfloor heating.


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