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Well I might as well post another one while I'm here and in the mood to. I just want to mention another real estate copy bugaboo I have and that is when the agent/copywriter compares the property to those in another well known location like Manhattan or, like the next listing, The Hamptons. It is the rare property indeed that actually holds up to these comparisons and as far as I'm concerned, it just makes the selling agent look like a bit of a tool. To be honest this next listing, while having some vague elements of The Hamptons, is more reminiscent of something that one would find in Malibu. And that's more than good enough if one is looking to appeal to the pretentious and image-obsessed. Oh yes I went there. Sue me.

4 View Street, Woollahra NSW

This next one, while very different to the typical Hamptons home, is actually quite nice. It's a bit of a mish-mash of styles but it still manages to appeal. And it has heated floors.

(The Pictures: If you click them, they will enlarge)

See what I mean about a mish-mash? I hate that bath tap too. But like the sinks.


  1. Iiiit's baaaaaack, and according to the very 80s ribbon-in-the-top-corner presentation, it WILL be sold! And the agent reckons it's "comparable in dimension, opulence and sophistication to the finest penthouses in New York or London" lol


    I'd still live there.

  2. Arrgghhh those 2 are idiots. They sold a place at McMahons Point that someone very close to me tried to buy and effectively screwed the vendor out of at least 300K in doing so. As for "the finest", no, not quite although I understand the place is quality. I'd also live there but after it was totally redecorated top to bottom. Guess the vendor's brother didn't save him. ;)

  3. Whaddya reckon the price story is here? I'm thinking asking 15, hoping for 12, max bid coming 8-9 so far?

  4. And by here I meant the Cremorne Point property sorry.

  5. The Cremorne Point place was featured on A Current Affair *cough* about 6-7 years ago as Australia's priciest apartment and they (the show and the owner) said they reckoned it was worth upwards of $20 million. Must have been a slow news day. And yes, maybe back then it was worth that but now? Jeez, you'd want it to be at least $10 million and I'd say it's worth at least $10 million but I guess it depends on if the Symonds are in strife and if so, how much strife? I need to do some posts, I've been so slack lately and I have some good ones to share including Vizard's place in St Kilda which is a work of art.

  6. Apparently it was repo'd by the mortgagee(s), in which case it's out of the Symonds' hands. For the mortgagee, eventually concern about the yield will prevail. The higher they book it the lower the yield.

    The obvious silliness of having a deluded valuation on such an illiquid low-yielding asset will probably see them accept a lower price, especially if it's renting for *only* $4k, with some eye-watering strata levies.

    It just shows what terrible, in fact beyond terrible investments these premium apartments have been. I'd hesitate to use the term bargain, but someone might pick up one hell of a view in a seriously good building for a fair bit less than $10m here.


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