The Vizard Show

Some of you might remember a brief moment in time when Steve Vizard was famous. And some of you may not. The man is a bit of an achiever but you can look him up on wiki, I'm not about to do a tribute to his career on this blog but I am definitely going to do a tribute to his property development skills because the man knows how to do up a place all nice and that.

18-20 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda VIC

This is another one of those places; the kind of place you go past and imagine couldn't be anything less than utterly amazement inside and in the case of this house, you'd be right. It is sublime. Maybe some of my Mexican friends can enlighten me here but does it stick out like dog's balls quite as much as it seems to in the pictures? Anyway, pretty much everything about this place is The Business so I'll stop crapping on and let you get to it.

I know. Amazement.

I love this room like a fat kid loves cake.

The lights are fantastic; unexpected and quite whimsical.

A roof pool. In an old place like this? Amazing but bags not pay for that.


  1. I usually frown upon this much brown but way to go Vizard. It's a little too good for me - I'd need to inject some of my own chaos into it. But the living-dining room is perfect.

    Are those marble structures chimney frontends? shots 3, 5 and 6

  2. Yes I think they are marble. I wonder if the marble is full thickness or just a fascia? I'm also generally not a fan of brown (it's beige's naughty cousin) but this place works. However I'd have done something different in the bedroom but that's just about the decoration, not the structure.


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