A mish mash of some of my favourite bathrooms.

I actually cannot be bothered rooting around for a property to write about and even if I could be bothered, I seriously cannot be arsed thinking of anything clever/witty/interesting/bitchy to say about it. Instead I'm going to show you a collection of some of my favourite bathrooms. Bathrooms are very important to me and I've hyper picky about them, more so than other rooms (excepting kitchens). I think it's probably because, unlike a living room, bathrooms aren't easy to change the look of so there's really no room for error when they're being designed and built. I've been saving these images for years in my inspiration file so it's about time I shared. And you should share too. Your thoughts I mean. In the commenting space.

These are the tiles I put in my ensuite. To be honest, after five and a half years I'm getting a bit bored of them but they still look great in the above bathroom. I hope there's good heating in there as open showers can be cold.

The above bathroom and the three below are in the Greenwich Hotel, New York City. They are perfect.

I know.


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