So hey.

Hi, yes I'm still alive, sorry for not posting. Happy to report this silly little blog of mine seems to have picked up momentum; my ego likes this. So anyways, while I've not been posting, I have still been looking and I have some nice places to show you so bookmark this site and stay tuned.  An extra special sorry to my mother and Al, I will endeavour to be a better and more frequent blogger. Promise*.

7 Maple Grove, Toorak VIC

Not sure about the outside of this place. Is OK in pictures but possibly not so much in real life however I love the inside of this place. It's quite pavilion-like and the windows are gorgeous. The listing says there's "heating and cooling" but whether that means underfloor heating I do not know. But I'm going to assume it does. Because I want to.

(click the pictures to enlarge)

* until next time I can't be arsed.


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