Update @ Kirribilli

Sydney Trophy Home* - aka 69 Carabella Street, Kirribilli has now been on the market for a very long time indeed. Is it the kitchen? Ah no, I jest, the house really is lovely but times are a changing and the upper end of the Sydney property market has experienced a fall. It was always going to happen I suppose, prices couldn't possibly keep going the way they were but it could be worse considering what's happening in Europe and the USA. Anyway, the point of this post is that this property now has a price on it and that price is massively reduced from initial expectations. This beautiful house can be yours for just $8,650,000
Yes I know but considering this place was bought for just over $6,000, 000 in 2004, it's almost a bargain.

* click highlighted link to go to original post on this property.


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