You're terrible Muriel......

I'll leave it to you to figure out what the title means. ;)

40-42 Stewart Street, Paddington NSW

I'm trying to write a really boring academic paper right now but it's not due until next week so the pressure isn't there and I've managed to put pretty much stuff all on paper in the last couple of hours of trying. My procrastination skills are second to none and as you've probably figured out, my most favourite way to procrastinate is to look at property. I've had quite a few places saved to blog about but they're not all holding up particularly well on second consideration however this next one is up to scratch for The Porn. It sold fairly recently and I don't know how much for but it's definitely somewhere I'd be happy living.

I love these sliding doors. I'm not a fan of bi-folds at all, they're nice to look at but very impractical. I need to be able to have decent screens so I can keep the windows/doors open without bugs/burglars/ex-boyfriends wandering in to my house and the pictured sliders would allow that. *golf clap*


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