Surry Hills Warehouse - The Sequel

5 Bennett Place, Surry Hills NSW

Remember this place in Surry Hills I wrote about last year? Well in June 2009 it sold for somewhere around the $3 million range. It was a great property then and indeed it still is now, even more so in fact. The current vendor did some work on it and I'm pleased to say that they did a damn good job tarting it up while maintaining its character. The layout has been rejigged and to my way of thinking, much improved. But I'll let you be the judge.


  1. Been a while - good to see you prancing with the stars with that NY stuff. Many rich veins of procrastinatory material for you there.

    I'm a bit torn between this one and the other Surry Hills warehouse. The ultra-minimalism and little dunk pool at the other one was hard to top, but this is still very worthy indeed.

    I could post dozens I think you might like but if I could only choose one, Melbourne again takes it out. There's a couple of other absolute crackers currently on the market in Brighton, Vic but this one speaks from a sacred place.

    Mont Beau down under 4m. This is gonna be my year.

  2. That place is fantastic. Utterly stunning and indeed worthy of The Porn.


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