Dainty and utterly delightful

I have no more access to real estate databases. I don't mean sites like realestate.com.au, I'm talking about the kind of databases that the public generally doesn't have access too. I'm gutted. I feel as though something's been removed. If any of you lovely readers were inclined to help me out in this department, please contact me on internationalpropertyporn@iinet.net.au . I'd be ever so grateful. I'm not a real estate agent and do not use this databases for prospecting or anything nefarious. This blog respects privacy. Mostly because I'm afraid of the karma fairy but whatever.

9 Fairbairn Road, Toorak VIC

While this is a decent size, it's not massive but it is lovely and would suit me. Excepting the whole it being in another state thing. Only gripe I have about it is the laundry being integrated into a bathroom. I much prefer a separate laundry. I'm very serious about laundry. Laundry is srs bzns.

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I like this room a lot.

 That bloody "Keep Calm" sign. I prefer this version below (which is hanging in my house).

or better yet, this one


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