Little Victoria

As you can imagine I look at a fuckload of properties and it's becoming increasingly difficult to impress me; I've pretty much seen it all. Other than just straight out property beauty, the things that really strike me in a place include a clever use of space, good joinery and facility integration. This next place, while not super posh or expensive, manages to combine the aforementioned attributes without losing the charm of the original building. It can be yours for somewhere in the vincinity of $1,695,000. (price current as of 25 March 2012)

31 Little Victoria Street, Fitzroy VICTORIA

Put frankly, whoever did this conversion should high-five themselves. I like that there's a proper laundry and am pleased to see the bathtub hasn't been sacrificed as can so often be the case with conversions. It also gets points for managing to get a proper sized fridge in there. Bugger it, just look at the pictures. I'm tired and half in the bag so am unable to bring the lulz tonight.

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Oh god that carpet is hiddy. 


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