Oh hai!

I'm back! Wasn't being lazy this time...actually I was but I was doing it on holidays.


Jealous? You should be. OK, back to business.

I still don't have a login for any of the property databases. I keep checking my inbox and it's yielded nothing. Come on guys!! Hook a girl up.

In other news, the market seems to be moving a bit. Two houses on my street have sold and one of them is comparable to mine (although mine's a bit better) and I'm not unhappy with the price it got. There's been a lot of talk in the media about the massive drop in value in a lot of houses in Palm Beach and it's being presented as though this is representative of the Sydney market as a whole. Let me be perfectly clear, this is NOT the case at all, not even slightly. A lot of Palm Beach property is owned by Macquarie Bank/UBS/other investment bank-types and unless you've been in a coma for the last 5 years, you'll appreciate that such companies are heavily affected by the financial whoopsies in Europe and the US. So some of their employees have been offloading houses that, in some cases, they had no business buying in the first place. Even outside investment bank circles there are people who have apparently been living way beyond their means for a long time now and the current financial climate has exposed them so assets are being offloaded for whatever they can get to keep the creditors at bay and the holidays houses (and boat/s) are always the first to go. Learn the lesson from these folks kids, don't repeat their mistakes.

Now I don't know who owns this next house and given I don't know who owns it, I clearly am not making a comment on their current financial position so don't read anything into the choosing of this next entry, it's just a damn nice house.

52 Olola Avenue, Vaucluse NSW

And damn nice as it well may be, it's pretty safe but I like it. It looks warm and comfortable and private and I really like the layout.

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